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Give me a pen, a piece of paper, some good people, and
I can solve any problem.

I am a Creative Director, Designer and Developer with over 19 years experience defining, designing and developing solutions.

I'm passionate about discovering new opportunities, directing teams to deliver innovative and meaningful solutions, while translating requirements into experiences that solve business goals.

Frederick Weiss

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Passionate About Life


I am first and foremost passionate about family, and achieving results via a healthy work/life balance. I do not subscribe to the polarizing concept that delineating work and family defines our level of success. Our own arteries and veins serve as a metaphor for the give-and-take of our demanding environment. As oxygen and nourishment is delivered to every cell that demands a challenge, those cells must eventually be revitalized. Without family, our figurative circulatory system can not replenish our weary souls. Without the meaningful sustenance of family, our business ventures will never be entirely prosperous. The path to true, deliciously vindicated success is a deep systemic work/life harmony.


For me, there’s nothing like hitting the gym and lifting weights to alleviate the stress of the day. I also relish running, getting lost in the run in order to disconnect from everything else. It’s so tranquil to be in the moment while concentrating on the mantra of breath. It behooves us to simultaneously level-up our minds and meat-vehicles to maintain a mental/physical unity of satisfaction and sanity. Nothing mitigates the pain like “making the fat cry” with exercise, whether we’re haunted by old ghosts, new projects, or put in the proverbial corner by everyday life.


Engaging the right individuals can make or break a project and increase your general life experience exponentially. People are not replaceable, neither in the workplace nor in any flavor of life. Whatever venture you seek to invest the vitality of your spirit within, it will require the right resources and alignment of people and planets to sync into a spiral of galactic synergistic prosperity. I never judge a book by its cover, nor by what I read in it, as perception is subjective. I want to live and work within a community of humans pokemon that have integrity and honor, and are fun to be around. The eccentricities I find in others are just a part of the ephemeral stew of life that is best sipped slowly, like an ice cold vanilla vodka with lemon.


I have a deep devotion and both a fiber optic and electric lust for designing actionable solutions. I’ve always had a need to establish order in chaos by delivering results to make people’s lives easier. My purpose compels me to drink large amounts of coffee, fueling my agenda of lifelong learning. I don’t walk with legs, I run with a caffeinated hunger for knowledge and an unquenchable thirst to keep up with technology. I cut my tongue on the bleeding edge so as to taste all things new and employ the apropos solution in all strategic challenges.

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