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Give me a pen, a piece of paper, some good people, and
I can solve any problem.

I am a Creative Director, Designer and Developer with over 20 years experience defining, designing and developing solutions.

I’m passionate about discovering new opportunities and directing teams to deliver innovative and meaningful solutions, while translating requirements into experiences that solve business goals.

Frederick Weiss

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Passionate About People

My Design Journey

I honestly LOVE people, and I’m obsessed with what makes them tick: their habits, dreams, and eccentricities. Every connection brings me closer to understanding the magic within the engine of our drive. Having the courage to empathize with others is key to understanding the reason behind a vast array of social behaviors. Don't judge a book by what you read in it; just enjoy the book, be brave enough to learn, and strong enough to help. Get to know people, share their passions, and proceed together in trust.

My professional journey has provided many advantageous lessons. I've learned a lot along the way and could have only experienced it by freeing myself of ego, and immersing myself in an acceptance of learning. This is what made me the designer, critical thinker, and leader that I am today.

Every problem is already answered, you just have to find out what resonates with people to see it. If you can remember that design is about problem solving, and problem solving is about understanding people, then you can achieve a common goal with any group. No matter what venture you seek to invest the vitality of your spirit, it will require the right resources and alignment of people.

“Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Design is about solving problems, and great design is about discovering unacknowledged opportunities and proactively taking ownership... I accept all challenges.

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